What is curation?

As promised here below a short description about what curation is, I will refer to my curated articles as some of them are really excellent and I can’t explain it better than they did it already… Honor to whom honor belongs 😉 Content curation has become a hot topic in 2012.  Corrine Weisgerber, an associate professor at St. […]

PLE or Personal Learning Environment

Hi, You might have seen in my “Categories” the word “PLE” or “Personal Learning Environment“, but what does this mean? As I write about Curation here, so I will use also then my curated articles about the chosen topic “PLE” here to show you the importance and benefit about Curation, follow the links below please: […]

My curations on Scoop.it

Hi, I would like to show you my curations which I created on Scoop.it so that you could make yourself an idea about what Curation is… Here below a short overview about my curated categories, as you might find out my curations are mostly about Education and related to global knowledge… I like to share […]


Welcome to my new blog

Hi, Welcome dear readers… Like used from me you will find again a blog about learning… Enjoy it as much as I do to learn new stuff which I share with you… Stay tuned for next posts 😉